Jill Holden

Studio Owner / Teacher

Yoga has been an integral part of Jill’s life for over twenty years. An athlete involved in a variety of sports, Jill developed a passion for distance running while attending school in Ottawa. As a dedicated runner, she developed minor injuries and aches, combined with increased stress and anxiety from school, so became her search for more balance. Based on a friend’s recommendation, she gave yoga a try. From her first class Jill realized the amazing physical benefits, and through a regular practice she began to truly experience the therapeutic benefits of yoga – she found more balance, strength, flexibility and peace – not only in body, but also in life.

Jill traveled to Kerala, India in March 2009 to complete Modo Level 1 Teacher Training. Just a few months after her return from India, Jill met Joanna and their shared dream of opening a Modo Studio in St. John’s came to fruition. Jill left behind corporate life to explore her passion and love of yoga more deeply and to create a strong, vibrant and sustainable Modo community in St. John’s.

Jill is dedicated to self study as a student of yoga for life. She enjoys continued studies with some of her key teachers, including Modo Co-Founders Ted Grand and Jess Robertson, Eoin Finn, Srivatsa Ramaswami, and the late Shôken Michael Stone. Jill has completed over 2,000 hours in trainings over the last 10 years, including Modo Yoga Level 1, Modo Yoga Level 2, Yin, Blissology, and Vinyasa Krama.

An engaging teacher, Jill offers a blend of peace, authenticity and strength in her classes. Jill’s daily yoga and meditation practice is her journey for finding peace, grace and courage in life, brings awareness and space to her physical body, and guides the connection between mind, body and soul.

Jill lives for the ocean, nature, and travel – she’s always up for an adventure!