Paige Mattie


Growing up in Pictou, Nova Scotia Paige has always loved to be involved in as many activities as possible. Soccer, highland dance, track and field, badminton, theatre, and much more. She moved to St. John’s NL in the Fall of 2013 where she studied and completed a Bachelor of Commerce. During her first year of university she received a book about yoga, instantly fell in love with both the practice and the principles that accompany it.  When an opportunity to join the Energy Exchange program came up at the studio, she jumped on it. Her initial intention was to further her practice and be part of a welcoming and supportive community, that would soon become her home away from home.  After three years of being an Energy Exchanger she decided to attend Modo Yoga Level 1 training July 2018 in Kelowna to deepen her own practice, which would also allow her the opportunity to share her passion with others.

Paige’s interests lie in yoga’s philosophies and principles. Yoga’s physical practice is the grounding she needs to live a mindful and consciously present life. Her mantra every time she steps into the hot room is “It starts here” as she believes one’s inner journey to contentment begins on the mat.

Paige is also lover of the nature, hiking, documentary watching, planning trips with her Mom, traveling everywhere and anywhere, and eating as much chocolate as possible.